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About GERF Kalyani

Global Environment Research Foundation (GERF), Kalyani was born of a vision to train a great number of young educated persons by way of conducting some Short-Term and Long-Term Courses with a view to suit some specific needs. The main objective of the organization is as follows:-

A. To become a nerve centre of the institute in terms of ideas, creativity and innovation.
B. To promote research and educational management and administrative process.
C. To pull interest manpower in the institute as well as manpower from the outside.
D. Organize certain specific condensed courses and vocational courses for the educational institute who wish to implement such innovation and specially in the area of school dropouts adult girls/women.
E. Organise special programmes for the use of educators, planners and administrators and managers so as to enable the latest theory and practise in the different disciplines and functional areas to reach all sectors.
F. To organise Seminar, Symposia and Workshops and various short terms courses specially on issues relating to the status, rights and problems of women and children.

Furthermore, for the betterment of Urban & Rural Economy, the rapid application of Science & Technology has been stressed much of the day and as such our Institute has started to achieve the goal.

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